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Learn and Earn with LevelUp

17 February 2016 ‐ 3 min read

If there’s one realm of life where mobile technologies truly make the greatest impact, it’s in education. That’s why we’re so proud to have been a part of the team that helped to create Learn and Earn with LevelUp, a mobile application that aims to fast-track learning for high school pupils. 

Tackling Education Challenges

Tackling some of the most important and difficult education challenges in South Africa, Learn and Earn with LevelUp has been created as both an Android application and a mobi-site. The Reach Trust, in association with the FirstRand Empowerment Foundation, used the UkuFunda Virtual School and Learn2Earn projects as inspiration for LevelUp, designing an educational application that not only promotes and supports positive academic performance, but improves learning behaviour too. Applying a gamified spin to learning by incentivising learners with reward tokens that can be redeemed for things like airtime, Learn and Earn with LevelUp offers free, curriculum-aligned content, life skills and career section and an advisory service.

An educational application that not only promotes and supports positive academic performance, but improves learning behaviour too.

UX and UI

And while The Reach Trust handled development, our team at 4i signed up to assist with ensuring that the application was user-friendly at every turn, helping with both design and UX (User Experience) testing. Rohann Smit, 4i Designer, told us a little more about the experience of designing LevelUp. “Working on such a different project was a highlight. Creating a multitude of different icons and using very bright colours was great fun, but doing so with purpose made it all the more important. I'm proud of what we made – Learn and Earn with LevelUp is such a great idea, and it can help loads of kids. Because it involved two companies working together on the same product, we knew that creating LevelUp would require focused collaboration and regular, clear communication. We stuck to our areas of expertise, respected one another, and together we made a fantastic product that everyone can be very proud of.”

Usability Testing

An essential element for any application or online development, usability testing is something our whole team is involved in and inspired by. As part of our testing process, we took LevelUp to where it needed to go – into schools. Rohann tells us that: “it was really cool going into those schools and interacting with the kids, to get their invaluable feedback. Going into Khayelitsha, seeing how hard it was for them to access the Internet, but how badly they want to learn was inspiring. They loved the classroom material that they could access through LevelUp, the one thing that we thought learners might find a bit boring.”

Using mobile technologies and collaborating with others to create relevant, highly useful and engaging applications makes our day! You can check out the LevelUp Android application here or explore the mobisite.