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Tools that make Teamwork a Breeze

05 November 2016 ‐ 5 min read

Our industry is ever-evolving, fast-paced and fun to be part of. And, of course, our studio has to stay on the cutting edge. That’s why we utilise a range of communication and work sharing tools to stay on track, keep connected and get things done, every day.

Here’s a list of our top 5 tools that help us work efficiently and effectively:


We keep in touch and communicate easily using Slack. We create channels for each project where everyone involved in that project is invited to join. Clients are also invited to join, so that they can have oversight of our internal communication and chime in when they need to.

Google Drive

One of our favourites, Google Drive is the easiest way to share documents and spreadsheets and collaborate on creating copy. All the information lives in one place, it’s backed up and anyone who has access to the link can access the documents from wherever they are.


The tech greats like Uber, Twitter and GoPro use it, and we find InVision simply invaluable. InVision makes creating prototypes for mobile applications a breeze, while its seamless design and communication functionality make it easy to share with clients and get their feedback, all on one platform.

InVision makes creating prototypes for mobile applications a breeze


We need high level, intuitive and easy to access project management tools, and that’s why we use Trello. We make a board for every app project and invite all involved on that project. Our clients are also granted access, enabling them to easily see what’s being worked on and what progress is like, day by day.


Sympli for mobile app design and development is a web-based platform that makes it far simpler to ensure that your app screen designs are built to the correct specifications. Commonly known as ‘speccing and cutting’ – it’s the drudge work of our design department which Sympli has eliminated a lot of, enabling us to focus our creative energies on what’s most important. It saves our team a ton of time too, picking up on small errors making each design pixel perfect. In fact, Sympli has been a game changer for us, so much so that we've even dedicated an entire blog piece to it.

Sympli enables us to focus our creative energies on what’s most important

Communication and work sharing tools like these are integral to our everyday operations, where collaboration is key. Moreover, they make it easy for our clients to stay informed through every step of the app design and development process. This is particularly important when creating mobile apps for clients abroad or in different cities – when you have the right tools it’s as easy as developing for the startup next door. It’s thanks to tools like these that we’re able to consistently deliver world-class mobile apps on time, every time, and within budget.

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