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Strategy: How we do it

06 November 2016 ‐ 3 min read

As one of the most experienced digital solutions companies in South Africa, we’ve been creating apps since 2008, with our first project developed on iOS 2.3. In addition to quality design and development, strategy is a key piece of the puzzle in creating a successful mobile application.

Developing a world class mobile solution for your business takes investment, and it’s not just money we’re talking about – it’s app strategy, time and testing too. Getting the balance right between business objectives and user needs, requires experience. Using agile methodology, we have successfully created and delivered a host of mobile applications for some of Africa’s largest brands, on time and within budget. Strategy has played a key role in the process, and forms part of every mobile solution we build. The strategy phase covers 3 main areas.


Strategy forms part of every mobile solution to unlock maximum business value for clients

Business Opportunity

  • Unpacking the overarching strategy to understand what success looks like, both short and long term
  • Testing the stickiness of the idea
  • Target market analysis and the customer journey 
  • Defining the epics (primary features that will deliver maximum business value)


  • Investigating and analysing the complexity of the necessary integrations
  • Researching similar / competitor solutions
  • Identifying the KPIs and creating an analytics plan to track and measure each

Product Definition

  • Unpacking the epics into detailed stories and flow
  • Defining the detailed features
  • Formulating a plan to unlock maximum business value, while catering for user needs 


Using agile development, we have delivered a broad range of apps on time, and within budget

Over the years we've discovered that the strategy phase is absolutely critical to the process. By understanding all the elements uncovered in this phase, the strategy works as a blueprint for the planning and development phases that follow