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4i Culture and Values

09 November 2016 ‐ 5 min read

If you’re wondering whether or not 4i is the right fit for your company, we’re here to help you decide. Taking aim from our culture and values that form our guiding principles for this business, we’d love to unpack how we can help you create the very best app, or solve your critical business need.

We Love People

While you may be hiring us to build your mobile application, we’re also interested in building a relationship with you. Our client base is made up of almost entirely return business, or clients who have come to us through word of mouth referrals. Our approach is not magical or mysterious, but rather, based on the first and most important of company vision and values: the principle that we love people. We love working with people who have great ideas, and who enjoy learning together. That’s how our clients become collaborators, and your part to play in the development of a mobile application involves you being informed during every step of the development process. 

Our approach is neither magical nor mysterious; we're simply all about people.

We Love Excellence

We’re proud to release scalable, beautiful and useful mobile applications into the world. Through these apps, we help our clients augment their company’s success, attract customers and solve unique business problems. We’re sticklers for excellence, in everything we do. That’s why our development and design team put every effort into releasing applications that trump that of competitors. Our approach is a teachable one – we eagerly welcome client and user feedback and enjoy incorporating the feedback into future releases. Moreover, we appreciate discovering excellence in the world around us, and our clients are some of the most inspirational creators of excellence around.

We Love Technology

Over the last few decades, the world of technology has changed the course of humanity, over and over again. We live in a time of great wonder, true innovation and extreme discovery. As a team, and individually, we’re inspired by the way technology influences our lives for the better, and we’re committed to learning something new every day. Our team stays up to date with new tricks and takes great joy in uncovering new solutions for your business problems. Our studio is always excited to unpack new technology or gadgets and spend time exploring and discovering new ways to use it.

We Enjoy Life and Laughter

Fourth on the list of our company vision and values is this: we live for the joy of life and laughter. While our work is critically important to us, putting people first is an imperative. That’s why we celebrate our individual and team successes, spend quality time ‘off the clock’ at monthly socials and annual retreats, and enjoy good balance about our lives. When working with us, we’ll be inviting you over at some point to join us for a braai or to hear more from our thought leaders at exclusive events. We’ll share our journey with you, just as you share your business with us. And at the end of each day, we [more often than not] close our machines, spend time with our families and enjoy a little down time – something we hope you’re able to do too.

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