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UX & UI Design: How we do it

30 November 2016 ‐ 5 min read

As a leading mobile-first digital solutions company, we’re committed to keeping pace with mobile UX and UI design trends and pushing the boundaries of excellence to best serve our clients and their users’ needs. While we keep a keen eye on trends and new approaches, our team is deeply committed to creating sensible, engaging and user-friendly applications for a wide range of industries, sectors and consumers.

UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design form a core part of what we call the planning phase, which follows the Strategy phase. The planning phase starts with the information architecture which focuses on the user flow and is closely aligned with the defined strategy. 

UX, Prototyping, Usability Testing and Design

Right at the very start of the planning phase, research happens. We spend the better part of a day researching the market landscape, competitors and competitor apps. We make notes of what competitors do well, and what they don't. Then we move on to UX. Making applications as easy and as intuitive as possible for a user is absolutely vital. Wireframing ensures that the UX is mapped out in the most sensible way and provides clients with a clear view of what they expect in terms of the user journey throughout the app. It maps the business strategy with what users want the app to do. This UX is prototyped, tested internally (called dogfooding) and iterated to achieve the simplest, most intuitive flow possible.

The UX is prototyped, tested internally and iterated to achieve the simplest, most intuitive flow possible

The prototype is tested in our Usability Testing lab on users that fit the target profile, and clients are invited to observe the live testing sessions. These sessions are extremely valuable in identifying speed bumps in the UX that need to be ironed out. Once the UX is finalised, our amazing team designs the look and feel which is made up of 3 - 5 of the key screens, following a native style guide while adhering to the Corporate Identity of the brand. Once the look and feel has been signed off, the team gets to work on the screen designs, elements and specifications. This process serves as the blueprint for developers, making their part of the puzzle as seamless as possible.

Backlog finalisation and fixed development quote

The final UX and design, together with the epics identified for MVP are then analysed to identify any potential risks and dependencies, and the team gets to work to figure out how the tech complexity can be reduced. We work closely with clients on areas in the UX that involve development complexity to weigh up the value and impact on the project. We discuss alternatives and suggestions until the client is happy with the specifications and associated costs. It's at this point that we're able to provide a fixed development quote for phase in question, so the client knows exactly how much budget to allocate to the project.

With a fixed development quote clients know exactly how much budget to allocate

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