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Wolf + Halo, and the Benefits of Collaborating with Neighbours

10 January 2017 ‐ 5 min read

If there’s one element of our work that we’re exceptionally proud of, it’s our fundamental commitment to collaboration. Throughout our 4i journey, we’ve come to know and appreciate the true value of working alongside some of the most talented individuals and companies. Luckily for us, sometimes, we don’t even need to leave our office park to find the best people to collaborate with.


Wolf + Halo

This niche-focused company that combines chaos with order and madness with logic, can be found right above our offices, in Techno Park, Stellenbosch. Wolf + Halo are digital content creators who specialise in the creation of high quality animated video content, such as 3D modelling, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions. Their keen commitment to creating not only excellent, but outstanding, digital content, at competitive prices, has made them one of our top collaborating partners.

Wolf + Halo make it easy for us to refer clients to them. They do the best job while delivering on time

How We Work Together

Our working relationship with Wolf + Halo goes back many years, and they’ve worked alongside us on a wide range of products. Our teams agree on many fundamental aspects of our operations, including putting our clients’ success first, and always looking out for new ways we can add value to our clients’ business journeys. At 4i, we don’t believe in just filling in the requirements of a creative brief – we look towards delivering beyond the brief and actively working towards enabling our client’s success. Wolf + Halo share that perspective, and we’ve watched them deliver high quality digital products and interact exceptionally well with clientele. As their company has grown, they’ve added even more exceptional talent to their team. Working with, and cross-selling the skills of Wolf + Halo is very easy for us – their work speaks for itself.

We’re in and out of each other’s offices, always sharing ideas or experiences

What Makes It Great

Our relationship of cross-pollination has borne incredible results, as we’ve partnered to implement a number of projects together, utilising Wolf + Halo’s AR and 3D modelling skills for Media24’s Huisgenoot, You and Drum mobile applications. This project has, twice, been shortlisted for app awards. But we’re not just outsourcing work to them, because partnerships are far more than that – our teams sit in on meetings together, getting to know and understand clients’ needs, and building on that commitment towards delivering beyond the brief. Most of our clientele require video content for their mobile applications, especially when it comes to walkthrough videos. Ensuring that your application is easily discovered and well-marketed is key to your success, and adding a good walkthrough video to your marketing and app store deployment strategy is key. Wolf + Halo make it easy for us to refer clients to them, or work alongside them as we roll out project components, because we know they’ll do the best job, while delivering on time. Our relationship also works the other way too – where their clientele requires something we do well, they are easily able to send them along to us and we don’t pay each other finders’ fees for sourced client work. While finders’ fees may be great in some situations, we’re far more interested in sustaining our relationship of trust, transparency and awesome collaboration.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Our teams work collaboratively, but also in a complementary way. Being located near to Wolf + Halo means that we’re often in and out of each other’s offices, and we’re always sharing ideas or experiences. Our collaboration makes our companies stronger, as we look towards new projects and new ideas, every day. Check out Wolf + Halo’s impressive portfolio here.

Do you like collaborating with the best in the business? Do you love delving in to great projects with talented people? If you answered ‘yes’ to those questions, you may just be a good fit for our team. Drop us a line on hello@4imobile.co.za and let’s find out if we can work together.


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