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Our rebrand release - A New Eye for 4i

09 May 2017 ‐ 5 min read

4i Mobile has undergone a rebranding process, unveiling their refreshed brand and approach in May 2017. Aligning their new vision and expanded capabilities as a development studio with a new logo, website and growth strategy, 4i is looking ahead as a mobile-first, full-service development collaborative.

Why the new eye?

Keeping up with industry developments and technological innovation, 4i’s team now boasts more than forty staff members, enabling an exponential growth of internal capabilities, and servicing a much larger, global, client base. While 4i retains its firm mobile-first approach, the strategy, design, development and research capacity attached to the company has grown in both size and focus.

Servicing International Clients

Although 4i is a proudly Capetonian collaborative, more and more of its client base has been drawn from overseas companies thanks to their portfolio of award-winning work. Where the focus of 4i has been tightly drawn on supporting South African businesses, capacity to serve international clients has grown, enabling the team to bring a unique and insightful approach to international problems too. 4i now proudly serves a client base that includes South Africa, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United States.

The 4i Team

As the South African development community has exploded in size, so too has the professional demand. A quick glance at the 4i team’s membership shows a grouping that’s made up of youthful, enthusiastic, and exceptionally skilled strategists, designers, developers, QA testers. Internal methodologies at 4i have also changed, with the development agenda moving from a Waterfall, to an Agile methodology, unlocking both internal capacities and further resources for client projects.



What Do They Do Now?

Make no mistake: an expanding portfolio at 4i does not mean that they’re losing focus on their primary objective. Instead, 4i’s renewed commitment to going beyond excellence has empowered the company to look at new ways to use technology that either solves business problems for their clients or enables their clients to do business better. A range of software solutions can now be catered for through 4i, including comprehensive business solutions strategy, mobile applications; backend and content management systems, web design, and development. Most importantly, the team’s skills in UX and UI design have led to increased experience in the realm of Usability Testing - a highly important element of development. Successfully delivering solutions that support client business strategies remains an imperative for 4i, with the potential for doing so unlocked through close client collaborations. It’s through this commitment, that 4i’s team now also provides in-house service delivery solutions, and an unmissable ambience that sparks easy conversation around projects.

4i’s distinctive approach to every project and task has enabled the company’s growth, along with this new brand strategy. You can learn more about 4i’s new approach at www.4imobile.co.za