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Things to keep in mind when naming software products

21 September 2018 ‐ 2 min read

Naming a product is a hard thing to do. Carla van Greunen, a creative at 4i, shares how to name software products.  

When naming software products you want it to leave an impression on people. You want them remember it while keeping it strong and trustworthy. Oftentimes a name cannot be chosen in just one sitting. It takes consideration and various iterations to produce a winner.

4i has been naming software since 2008. Along the way we have picked up a few considerations around the subject that we would like to share. 



After creating a product it should be easy to identify what its primary purpose is. Use this as a starting point. Along with the logo/icon, this will indicate to users what the software will do for them to improve their lives. One approach would be to name the function and add an enhancing word to it. Evernote and Wunderlist are good examples of this method.



Research has shown that concise and recognisable names work best. Try to keep the character count less than 13. It will look better and read easily. Also, stick to real words. People remember things that they understand better than unidentified concepts. Real words also mean that it will be easy to spell and subsequently simple to search for. This will mean sticking to sentence-case (i.e. Cut the Rope) or even camel-case (i.e. ScoreCentre).



Everybody wants their product to stand out above the rest. Having a good original name is a great start. Search your name to make sure that it is not already taken or closely related to a different product’s name. If working on an international level, remember to check that the name is acceptable in other languages. This is important, not only to distinguish your product, but also to avoid unnecessary legal complications should you stumble upon a trademarked product.


Make sure to take your time naming your product. Having a proper brainstorm with your teammates will yield favourable results. Do your research thoroughly and revel in the end result of your hard work.


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