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Accelerate Innovation

06 December 2018 ‐ 5 min read

In the last few decades we have noticed that the companies that have kept innovating always seemed to have a distinct advantage in the marketplace. These companies respond faster, launch new products and services much sooner, and most importantly, they make use of new technology which acts as the driving force behind their innovation. With that being said, we believe that the “make or break” of any large organisation is how they use the benefits of technology to steward themselves into an accelerated innovative future.


In our experience we have found that the key ingredient enabling innovation is diversity. This refers to thoughts, background, structures, focus and experience. The challenge that many organisations (specifically large organisations) face is their inability to embrace diversity. This often leads to their inability to innovate continuously or to innovate at all. It’s unfortunate that large organisations are not utilising the richer business ecosystems at their disposal. Organisations should harness the diversity these ecosystems provide, because the innovation it conjures and sustains will lead to their success.


In recent years, the Methys Group has prided itself with the innovative services offered to its clients in the form of business intelligence, private equity and digital solutions. With the addition of the French South African Tech Labs (FSATLabs) and AfricArena (The African Tech Ecosystem Accelerator), the Methys Group has been enabled to offer a way for organisations to be part of an innovative ecosystem or to increase the size of their own innovative ecosystems.


The Methys Group rich ecosystem consists of: 

  • FSAT Labs is a government-backed, Level 2 BEE NPC focusing on the early stage incubation of startups. The goal is to prepare them for joint ventures and proof of concepts with other organisations and potential investors. The incubation program trains entrepreneurs and employees of organisations in lean thinking, product development and innovation.
  • Methys Data Science empowers businesses to make key decisions using insights gained from data science, both standalone data science services and data science that empowers incubated startups and digital solutions to make smarter decisions.
  • AfricArena, taking shape as a tour and conference, connects premium startups and innovators across Africa with Europe venture capitalists. 2018 saw the second edition of AfricArena. 
  • 4i is a world class digital studio conceptualizing, designing, building, launching and accelerating digital solutions for startups, SMEs and corporates.


In a combined effort, these businesses are an unstoppable force driving organisations to fuel their innovations. If you are currently part of an organisation in need of an innovation boost, let Methys help you accelerate your innovation.



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