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LingoMatch - a React Native-first for 4i

08 August 2017 ‐ 3 min read

When learning a new language, students are most commonly exposed to the academics, such as the grammar and building up a memory of vocabulary. This provides a vital grounding and helps students to learn about tenses and the all-important sentence construction. Learning to speak a new language however, is a lot like learning to drive a car - you only start to get good at it with practice - and lots of it!

The problem being solved

Many students around the world have limited exposure to language practice outside of the classroom. By using the LingoMatch app, users get to practice with native speakers of that language by having real conversations with real people in real time.

LingoMatch is the world's first language app where students can forget about all the classroom rules and simply chat to native speakers from around the world. Users can earn coins when helping others to learn, and use them when they need to practice their new language! The app counts a user’s conversations and tracks their progress as rated by real, native speakers. Users receive 100 free coins for downloading the app and signing up.

The world's first language app where students can forget about all the classroom rules

4i insights

Lingo Match is a fairly simple, yet fully fledged chat app that we got to build from scratch, making it the perfect candidate to test out the all-new React Native framework. Our developers really enjoyed working in React Native. It was an interesting experience and we learned a lot - check out our blog on React Native learnings to find out more.

It was also the first time we have had an opportunity to implement websockets to create highly efficient user-to-user messaging, creating a real-time experience for users.

What’s next?

LingoMatch has launched a first phase release in English and Spanish only, with plans to include more languages in the future as well as introducing audio and video chat. We are looking forward to seeing how users interact with the app and gathering useful data to make it even more awesome.

The LingoMatch app is currently available on iTunes and the Google Play store in the US and in Spain, and will be available in more countries as additional languages are added.