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Adventure Clubs

Discover unique experiences designed for young families.

The Brief

A mobile solution that enables parents to discover unique experiences for kids


The creators of Adventure Clubs, an American based company, first tested their business concept using Whatsapp groups. The idea was to help parents with young families find unique experiences for their little ones, while getting enough people to go. Activities like baking, painting or music classes usually require a minimum of 10 kids, which means rounding up roughly 5 - 7 families... no easy task. They started creating their own adventures, and invited other parents to join.

When their base grew too large to handle (in just 6 months) they approached us for a beautiful, scalable mobile solution. Parents needed to be able to discover adventures, find useful info such as whether a venue is pram-friendly, and connect with each other. In addition, the Adventure Clubs team needed a web interface to be able to manage payments, administration and the onboarding of service providers seamlessly and effectively. 

How We Solved It

Premium Adventures with in-app payments launched to an already captivated base

We created native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that make it easy for parents to browse a flurry of adventures and RSVP, and even create their own adventures and invite people to join. We incorporated social sharing so parents can see who's going, invite friends and chat in adventure groups. Our skilled team crafted a clean and aesthetically calming UI design to support the client's vision of creating a pleasant and fun

experience for parents whose lives are already filled with noise, clutter and chaos. 6 months after the first release, Premium Adventures launched to an already captivated userbase, with payment integration that enables parents to pay for premium adventures conveniently and intuitively via the app. The supporting CMS platform enables the client to create and manage adventures, and add hosts from an user-friendly interface.

Core Features

Browse a flurry of adventures

Find adventures and RSVP

Create your own adventures 

Invite friends with little ones

Connect with young families


“Without a doubt, working with the 4i team was one of the best decisions we made as a startup. They matched our energy and passion to see our mobile app concept become reality.

Now, we are working on building on that great foundation on further iterations and we continue to enjoy a happy relationship with them. Along this journey, we felt their team was our team and our success was their success.”
- Janelle Schroy, Co-Founder of Adventure Clubs