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CBC - Love the Journey

Enjoy SA’s finest craft in a can, and share your journey with friends.

The Brief

CBC needed a mobile solution for the campaign launch of their Pale Ale craft in a can.

Adopting an innovative angle to appeal to their young, adventure seeking market, Cape Brewing Company launched the all-new Pale Ale craft in a can. Because cans stay colder for longer and are easier to carry, now consumers can enjoy their favourite craft in a mini keg, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Getting the craft-loving community to participate in the journey element of the campaign was the challenge that we had to solve. The mobile solution also needed support and integrate with other digital platforms and public relations efforts, bringing together all the elements of Cape Brewing Company’s marketing strategies.

How We Solved It

A fun twist of gamification enables users to earn badges for distance travelled.

We designed the mobile app to empower the fun element of the campaign by enticing users to try the product and engage with the brand. We chose a UI design to make user posts the hero of the app, encouraging users to snap and post selfies with their cans wherever they are in the world.

Smart functionality tracks how far each user has travelled between posts and displays the cumulative distance that users have travelled with the can. A fun twist of gamification let’s users “Cheers!” posts and earn badges for distance travelled or the number of “cheers!” received.

Core Features

Join the journey

Share your journey

Earn traveller badges

See how far the can has travelled


The biggest challenge in the advertising & creative industry is finding a partner who can execute seemingly impossible ideas. 4i was able to work with us to make the Love the Journey Love the Craft campaign a multi-platform masterpiece (under serious time constraints!). Together with 4i, we were able to fulfil our omni-channel approach, and in the process we achieved tremendous campaign and sales success.
- Henniel Smit, MD of Limbik