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An international software solution that supports companies and organisations in their compliance with the European GDPR

The Brief

European laws require all companies dealing with personal data to comply with the GDPR. Make compliance easy.

DataE, a French based company,  planned to create a SaaS solution to help companies around the world become and remain compliant to the GDPR to avoid hefty fines. They approached our French office ( for a breakthrough solution to help achieve their goal of becoming one of the first companies to offer a solution of this nature.  The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has laid down  new rules  

for the processing and governance of personal data. As of 25 May 2018, all companies dealing with personal data will have to comply to these rules and be able to demonstrate their compliance to the EU data protection authority. Organisations who do not comply with GDPR standards can be fined up to €20 Million or 4% of annual global turnover, whichever is greater.  

How we Solved It

Companies can follow best practice modules to assist them in becoming GDPR compliant and avoiding hefty fines.

After our team conducted in depth market research, we sent one of our business analysts to the clients offices in France, not only to understand the requirements, but also the GDPR legislation, its impacts, and collaboratively created a detailed specification and business requirements document for the to-be solution.


We built a backend, front-end and CMS with well structured algorithms. The solution offers companies an array of different steps to become compliant, from correctly dealing with and storing personal data, implementing security measures, and calculating risk algorithms. Companies can auto-generate formal and custom reports in either PDF or CSV which are to be submitted to authorities to demonstrate GDPR compliance. The solution has the end user’s requirements at its core, with a beautifully designed and easy to use interface, solving the unknowns of GDPR requirements without the need to recruit expensive law firms.



Core Features

Follow best practice measures

Generate risk algorithms and overviews

Action security measures by severity

Export GDPR compliance reports

Access stored data, compliance and risks

Manage documentation securely

GDPR updates added to your interface

What this means for DataE

The solution built for DataE is an industry first and the advantage of being first to market will be crucial in gathering user feedback and continuously improving the product. Having a fully functional team made up of developers, designers, analysts, QA testers, and a product owner means that DataE leverages a full set of skills covering all aspects of the business model, from a technical and commercial perspective.

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