EdzMee | 4i


A co-creation social platform where users can edit, view and like other users content.

The Brief

“Provide users with the ability to edit one another’s content.”

EdzMee founders approached 4i to help them envision the possibilities of developing a social platform that allowed for co-creation. This platform would allow users to edit, view and like one another's content.

Without hesitation, 4i jumped into this project because we saw the value it would add to users across the globe.

Upon investigation, research indicated that social networks have undeniably facilitated a way to communicate and reach people on a broader spectrum, with social media playing a key role in enabling people to communicate with friends, family and acquaintances.


These social networks breed opportunity for co-creation, shared value, and cultures of collaboration that can be leveraged beyond the network.

However, social networks were found to be limited. The limitation was simply; users aren't provided with an effective way to co-create on content. With that being said, the EdzMee founders put forward an unique solution that would cater for this limitation, and positively contribute to social media community.

4i partnered with EdzMee to help develop their strategy, BRD, build a MVP that would capture the audience, and test the model.

How We Solved It

A platform for users to produce content that has more entertainment value.

With EdzMee’s aim to enhance interaction between users and produce content that is rich and has more entertainment value, the platform that we created greatly relied on functionality. This functionality included swiping gestures in order to make it as quick, fun and easy as possible, all while focusing on the core idea of co-creating and sharing personalized content. Upon further investigation, it was identified that the platform needed to allow users to quickly share content such as photos either to their list of friends, or to the public where it can be viewed.


Once they have done this, anyone within the set parameters it was shared in (friends/global) should be able to edit the post and send it back to the original users story line. Consequently, when any users are viewing the original post, they will also be able to seamlessly view the edited variations of the post. They should, however, only be able to see the edits for a limited amount of time and should only be able to view an edit once. Moreover, there should also be an algorithm that filters through the content to display a maximum of 30 edits at a time.


Before October month-end, the iOS version went live. Since the app went live 10% of the desired user base downloaded the app within the first 4 days. The next step is to test the app on a group of 1000 users. We would like to understand how users interact with the app, their behaviour flow, what their frustrations are, amongst many other indicators. From this testing phase, we plan to make adjustments to the app and allow analytics to further drive the future phase developments.


Data will allow us to understand drop off rates, attribution, data usage, ease of use and assess appetite for the solution. Additionally, we will be able to track user conversion rate, user behaviour, pain points (where users are getting lost and where we can optimise), the number of edits, photos added etc. By understanding this, and by analysing the appropriate data, we will be able to re-strategize and make changes. These changes will be based on stats, data and user behaviour that will allow to capture a larger audience, and allow EdzMee to create the most value for its users.


Download the EdzMee app from the App Store now and start co-creating!