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Corporate environmental responsibility that pays both ways.

The Brief

In Sweden, CO2 emissions are a huge concern for both citizens and the government

Freelway designed a solution to help large corporates save carbon emissions by making it easy for employees to share resources and transport packages on behalf of other people. When their business needed a mobile solution, Freelway approached us via our partners, BAS ITG, to design and develop a mobile application that would extend beyond their existing website.

The app needed to be easy to use, and make it possible for users to communicate with each other in order to get packages delivered efficiently, while reducing CO2 emissions. Reporting functionality was key to the entire project, as it enables Freelway’s clients to track their CO2 savings in order to qualify for a tax rebate from the government.


How We Solved It

Clever logic enables users to accept more parcels by calculating the available space

We created an app for Android and iOS that enables users to post details about a parcel that they need delivered. Users driving a similar route are able to see the package details and notify the user that they’re willing to transport it on their behalf. In phase 2 we introduced "Routes" where users can add a route they in tend to travel, making it easier for users with parcels to find a suitable match. “Modules” allows businesses to customise their settings and manage security risks by ring fencing inter-departmental or

branch-to-branch-only deliveries. Using a fairly complex algorithm, we added flexibility by making it possible for users to not only see packages within their collection point radius, but also all the way along their route. In addition, clever logic enables drivers to list how much space they have available in their vehicle, enabling them to take more than one parcel along their route. "Services Places" is a list of public spaces such as cafés where users can request pick-up or drop-off, if their address is tricky to get to or hard to find.


Core Features

Easily send a parcel to a friend or colleague

Driving to work? Take a nearby parcel

Communicate with the sender

Profile keeps track of user activity


The Freelway project has been a long term collaboration between Freelway, BAS ITG and 4i, and we are excited to be working on additional phases of development, expanding the offering to make it even easier for Freelway clients to get onboard.