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Gardening with Babylonstoren

Join the community and uncover info and expert advice.

The Brief

Gardening has become increasingly popular with organic living at an all time high.

Babylonstoren approached us for a solution that would enable gardening enthusiasts to connect and share their love of gardening, and most importantly, access information and gardening advice from a trusted source.

The problem for avid gardeners is finding advice from a reliable source that’s contextual to the climate, soil, sun exposure and other variables in their specific garden.

How We Solved It

By creating a mobile-first social app, like-minded users are able to create content about plants, ask for advice and access contextual information while the social-style news feed delivers a rich, engaging community experience. Central to the app’s success is Babylonstoren’s team of seasoned gardeners, known for their majestic vegetable garden who contribute to interesting facts about plants and answer community questions. 

Smart tagging functionality links user generated content to the backend database in an efficient and methodical way, empowering Babylonstoren to build the most comprehensive, trusted database of gardening information. Multiple rounds of usability testing were conducted to support the client's objectives. By doing this we were able to continually improve the UX and make it as intuitive as possible by seeing how users interacted with the application.

Core Features

Post pics and ask questions

Find plant information

Follow seasoned gardeners


The first mobile solution of its kind, the stickiness and appeal lies in the user generated content and engagement within the context of trusted, expert gardening advice. The ease with which users can find relevant info enabled by the tagging functionality is a major contributor to the success of the app, with regular users visiting the app at least twice every day.