The Good Tree | 4i

The Good Tree

A loyalty program for avid coffee lovers who need never pay full price again!

The Brief

Solving a core problem for both coffee lovers and coffee merchants

Our client approached us for a solution that solves two problems. Firstly, a loyalty programme with real benefits for coffee lovers who habitually buy good coffee on-the-go, and secondly for merchants who currently have no data on their customer base, nor means of communicating with

them. The brief from our startup client was to create a mobile application that offers a cardless solution to paying for coffee from popular vendors, with great discount benefits, while building a database of loyal customers that merchants can connect with.


How We Solved It

We built a fairly complex model to facilitate the unique payment integration

One of the challenges with this project included building smart functionality around the payment integration between our client and the merchants on the BMS. It was a slightly complex model, unique to each merchant, and our team had to figure out a way around it using smart thinking and complex technical problem solving.

With The Good Tree being a startup, we had to work in a really lean manner, making sure we understood the main problem that was being solved and ensuring we focussed on that. There was no room for frills or fancy code, but it had to be easy to use, intuitive and edgy, and able to scale over time.


Core Features

Never pay full price for coffee again

Find coffee shops near you

Get extra credit free when topping up