MOST | 4i


A tracking device that measures changes in temperature, humidity and light.

The Brief

Exporters had no way of tracking their goods and perishables while in transit

The transportation of perishables is a crucial component that supports large export industries all over the world. The problem for owners is that once containers are locked and loaded for shipping, they have no way of tracking what happens to the goods in transit, yet they foot the bill for damages, theft, contamination etc until the shipment reaches its destination. The founders of MOST realised that the Internet of Things could

solve this multibillion-dollar uncertainty. MOST created a tracking device that can be placed in shipping containers or transportation vehicles. Each device has the ability to measure temperature, humidity and light, as well as shockwaves. Working with our client in Sweden, BAS ITG, MOST needed a sensor-software and hardware platform to transmit the data from the device to a central repository.

How We Solved It

Now, MOST’s clientele are able to track all of their shipments simultaneously from one dashboard

We overhauled the original backend and CMS, extracting the information methodically and displaying it via a user-friendly interface. Our team also created instant tracking facilities, set up alert systems as well as user credential processes. We simplified the complex reporting systems by breaking each component down to highlight the nature of each route, the unique container identification number, trip duration and routes travelled. Each device is fitted with a sim card so

that when the device is out of range, the data can still be collated, recorded and transmitted once signal is restored. We also implemented SMS notifications so that owners receive alerts if temperature, light or humidity changes beyond an acceptable range. Now, MOST’s clientele are able to track all of their shipments simultaneously from one dashboard, giving them access to important information about their goods in transit, including its location at any point throughout the journey.