ParkFind | 4i


With secure in-app payments, finding and paying for parking has never been easier.

The Brief

Over 30% of city traffic is caused by drivers looking for a parking spot.

It is exceptionally difficult for commuters to find open parking bays, especially in the CBD. Our client, Street Parking Solutions, is a Cape Town-based company that manages parking marshals in and around the city’s busy central districts. They provide parking management solutions

to on-street and off-street parking sectors, using a combined approach that involves people, technology and effective processes. When they needed unique and effective assistance with solving some of Cape Town’s parking woes, they approached us for a mobile solution.


How We Solved It

ParkFind indicates areas where users are most likely to find open parking bays.

ParkFind works intuitively from the moment it’s installed on a user’s mobile device. The user signs in, and using their mobile phone’s GPS coordinates or location-based information, ParkFind will automatically indicate areas closest to them where they are most likely to find open parking bays. Once a user finds a spot and parks, the Street Parking Solutions marshal then scans in the car's number plate and initiates a parking session, using their device.

When the user returns to their car, the parking session ends and they can pay for their parking using the mobile application, as linked directly to their bankcard or they can opt to pay with cash. We included two factor authentication to ensure that all payments are secure. ParkFind stores parking slips for parking paid for via the app, enabling users to view their parking history.

Core Features

Navigate to the indicated available parking

At the end of your session, scan bank card for easy payment

View parking slips in the app