PEPplus | 4i


Paperless banking designed for PEP’s mobile-only market.

The Brief

Eliminate the need for card holders to queue in store to transact or make VAS purchases. 

As a renowned and well-loved South African retail brand, PEP successfully serves and supplies lower income earners with access to homeware, apparel and mobile devices that are cost-effective and easy to use. PEPplus is an extension of that company commitment, as it's a paperless banking facility designed specifically for their consumers.

Shoppers can open a PEPplus bank account at any PEP store, using just their ID book or card. Once they’re signed up, they receive a debit card and enjoy the benefit of minimal fees. PEP approached us for a mobile solution that would take the hassle out of performing simple banking transactions, by eliminating the need queue in store.

How We Solved It

Standard terminology such as “History” was foreign to the market, so we changed it

We created a simple-to-use Android application that allows PEPplus account holders to upload money, pay bills and accounts, buy pre-paid airtime and electricity, send money to anyone and withdraw cash at any ABSA ATM or Shoprite Checkers. We conducted two rounds of Usability Testing to make sure the product was a perfect match for the target market, taking low data usage into account. Our teams headed into shopping malls and PEP stores to find out how PEP customers felt about the PEPplus app.

The initial design was icon heavy which users didn’t understand – so we changed it to be text based. We even updated our colour palette, stripping it back to four plain colours for the user interface (UI). One of the most interesting findings was that terminology such as “History” was completely foreign to the market, so we changed the app entirely to suit their usability. We also conducted multiple rounds of QA testing to ensure every user would find it easy to use and enjoy the experience.

Core Features

PEPplus, a paperless bank account

Pay bills or send money

Buy airtime and electricity

Transact anywhere, anytime