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Señor Chef

A digital solution that facilitates fundraising 

The Brief

Reduces admin and creates efficiency by offering a tech solution that facilitates fundraising

Señor Chef is a school fundraising partner whose operations are tailored around schools looking to raise funds for school projects or developments. Señor Chef provides schools with a set list of products which students then sell to the community. Schools sign up to partake in the program on a yearly or bi-yearly basis where classes and students are incentivised with prizes when raising the largest number of funds through the program. The concept has proven to be fruitful thus far, however, a technological approach needed to be explored as Señor Ched relied on an admin-heavy, paper-based system while servicing over 200 schools. 4i was asked to help Señor Chef move their business forward by creating a tailored digital solution.

How We Solved It

The solution speaks to reducing admin, ease of use, efficiency, and automating the process as much as possible so that the platform benefits both the school and the company

The project started with a strategy phase where market research and detailed project / business analysis were conducted to understand the current business process and the user incentives. From there, workshops were conducted to understand the pain points, map out the current Señor Chef process and brainstorm how the process could be streamlined to significantly reduce admin and be more efficient by reducing the number of pain points in a tech savvy way.

4i developed a digital platform that would create a more efficient work flow solution with the aim of reduced admin costs with easy data capturing techniques, and ultimately, making the business model more efficient and drastically improving turnaround times. For schools, the platform was able to easily track and manage orders, payments, outstanding payments and performance logs for each individual class. For parents, an easy log-in process, easy navigation throughout the site, and options of various payments methods such as cash, EFT and credit card with invoices that can be sent via email.

Core Features

Reduces admin

Reaches broader audience

More efficient work flow 

What does this mean for Señor Chef?

This platform creates an efficient way for schools to get involved in, and manage their fundraising initiatives, and allows parents to easily place orders that creates transparency for all parties. Additionally, teachers get more transparency and can easily manage orders for classes. Teachers benefit the most as everything is automated and managed online, significantly reducing admin requirements and limiting manual errors.

The platform now has the capacity to reach a larger audience by creating a more efficient workflow solution and decreasing admin so as to focus on getting more schools onboard.

Software as a service offers something they never had before, moves their business forward and improving lives by leveraging technology.