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Changing a traditional optician retailer into a modern lifestyle retailer

The Brief

Transforming traditional shopping into an innovative and modern day experience.

Synsam is an optical retail company with more than 185 stores across Sweden and 500 in the whole Nordic region. Our friends at BAS ITG introduced Synsam to us and presented a solution that would totally transform the traditional optical retail experience for customers and Synsam as a company.

The problem that we needed to solve was, that it’s generally very time consuming for the customers (as well as the employees) to fit the various options of glasses available in store. Especially if the there is only one store assistant on hand. The solution involved creating an instore app that allowed customers to easily view the extent of their range of glasses.

We therefore created an app that allows customers to virtually try on pairs of glasses, to see how those glasses fit and look on their face.

Another feature, critical for Synsam, was that users should be able to share a virtual look of their chosen style/glasses with friends. Therefore, an email feature was built in to allow users to take a picture and share with friends in order to get some feedback.

The Problem

Create an in-store app that showcases product range, services customers and allows for a communication feature

The solution was quite challenging for a number of reasons. Firstly, we needed to find a way for tech to facilitate the process of showcasing the eye ware products so as to present Synsam as the fresh and forward thinking brand that they are.

Secondly, the solution had to service people through an app as opposed to a sales consultant.  Thirdly, our team had to learn and develop with a device that was not available in South Africa yet. Fourthly, the face recognition technology was quite intricate. The reason for this tech being complex was because we wanted to make sure that the tech was able to recognise a diverse group of people, and that the facial features of every person was 100 percent accurate. Synsam’s offering was of a physical nature, and if the product didn’t accurately represent reality then customers wouldn’t buy the products, or even worse, not want to make use of the instore app because of its inability to work well.

Taking all these challenges into consideration, and with our collaborative team, the instore app that we created was impeccable and included all the features it was desired to have. The app was used in the Synsam main stores and the plan was to roll out the app to all Synsam stores in the Nordic region.

Core Features

Front runner in digitising optical retail chains 

Transform shopping experience for customers

Elicit an innovative thinking brand