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Varsity Sports

Follow the live social feed, buy tickets to the game and skip long queues.

The Brief

Same-day ticket sales at stadiums left fans waiting in long lines, often missing the game.

In recent years, Varsity Sports has grown from strength to strength with coverage on SuperSport, and more supporters spectating than ever before. Naturally, top activities for students on their smartphones are chat and social media.

Creating a mobile app to empower this level of interaction while solving the problem of long ticket queues on game-day was the perfect solution to capture the market, and support Varsity Sports’ business strategy.

How We Solved It

The social-style news feed on the home screen provides an immersive experience for users.

We created a mobile app using a smart, edgy look and feel to appeal to the target audience. The social-style news feed on the home screen provides an immersive experience for users, and content filtering enables them to choose what they want to see. Payment integration was a key element of the development making it really easy for users to buy

tickets to varsity sports matches. Food and drink vouchers linked to ticket sales can be redeemed via the app, making the pre-match experience inside the stadium even more rewarding. For fans that can’t attend, the dynamic social feed as well as the results, logs and expert match feedback mean they can still feel part of the ‘gees’.

Core Features

Stay on top of all things Varsity Sports

Buy and store your tickets directly on the app

Scan your ticket at the gate and skip the queues

Enjoy a freebie on us

Setup and manage your cards easily


Instant in-app ticketing has enabled fans to skip the ticket buying queue and the ticket scanning queue at games, so they never have to miss another match. Not only has the app provided huge functional benefit, it has also created an engaging user experience through polls and voting, and rich social sharing.