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The reputation of trophy hunting has sadly been tarnished by a disproportionate group of savage poachers and unethical hunters. Safari Outdoor wanted to create a mobile social network for the hunting community where users could share their experiences without being concerned with strongly opinionated social media groups. The solution required UX and UI design, frontend and backend web development, as well as a user-friendly CMS that can handle updates on-the-go.

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This was a fairly sizeable project due to its social, interactive nature and required meticulous implementation of numerous screens. Clever use of iconography was key to making the app more interactive, and the use of brand icons serve as a powerful add-on, maximising brand presence in front of a captured audience. Posts are geo-linked, so users can get an idea of where the hunting hot spots are. The app allows hunters to upload photos, share their stories and outdoor experiences on the newsfeed, and view game farm listings with hunting facilities, accommodation and packages.


Safari Outdoor is South Africa's largest hunting, shooting and conservation-related retailer with outlets situated in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Stellenbosch, Boksburg and Krugersdorp.  They pride themselves in selling a wide range of goods that cater to every hunter or nature lover's needs.   |   +27 21 300 1720   |   Stellenbosch


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