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Safari Outdoor. The ultimate hunting community app.

12 February 2018 ‐ 3 min read

Trophy hunters arguably belong to one of the most misunderstood communities on the planet today. Even though a considerable number of them are the same conservationists hard at work to protect endangered wildlife, their reputation has been tarnished by a disproportionate group of savage poachers and unethical hunters.


Not only are hunting experiences unwelcomed by a number of social groups on social media, according to law, hunting products may not be advertised online. Safari Outdoor, providers of high end hunting products decided to create their very own social network to combat this challenge.

How It Works

The Safari Outdoor mobile app is a platform that enables users to upload photos, share their stories and outdoor experiences on the newsfeed. The app includes a listing of game farms backed by Safari Outdoor, including hunting facilities, accommodation and packages.

Posts are geo-linked, so users can get an idea of where the hunting hot spots are, as well as the less-explored game farms for hunters that love to venture off the beaten track.

Design and Development Insights

The screen designs for Safari Outdoor’s mobile app were carefully crafted to boost their brand identity, making use of dark UI (User Interface), and masculine look and feel to appeal to their target market. Clever use of iconography was key to making the app more interactive, and the brand icons serve as a powerful add-on, maximising brand presence in front of a captured audience.

This was a fairly sizeable project due to its social and interactive nature, and required meticulous implementation of the numerous screens that had to be designed for each scenario.

Looking to the future

The Safari Outdoor mobile app has a first phase release available on the app stores, with plans to expand on the offering where users can tap on a product mentioned in a user post and add it straight to their basket. Game farms will also have more advertising opportunities as the community of users grows.

Are you an adventurous, responsible trophy hunter? Download the app today via the App Store or Google Play.

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