Our unique process starts with strategy, and includes design and user insights that empower each product for success. | 4i

Our unique process starts with strategy, and includes design and user insights that empower each product for success.

Usability Testing

We offer world-class UX and UI design, CI and prototyping, as well as Usability Testing which takes place in our testing lab. Our team uses the latest tools such as InVision, Sketch, Marvel and Sympli to bring our clients’ ideas to life.

Mobile App Development
React Native

Our team of highly skilled developers specialise in Native, React Native, Backend and API development. We build custom tech solutions for each client specifically designed to solve the business problem.

Web Development

Our web developers are highly skilled in leveraging open source software. Using the latest tools and frameworks, we build search-engine-friendly (SEF) websites and CMS platforms that are simple, intuitive and easy to use.

Market Research
Competitor Analysis

Our team of strategists and technical analysts work with clients to craft a strategy to drive product success. By providing research, and testing the feasibility of the business model, clients can make the ROI justifiable.

Product Management
Project Management
Deep Linking

We make a point of understanding the market requirements, and implement SDKs to track and measure the analytics. It's by presenting this BI and working closely with clients to continually improve the product that success is achieved.

Quality Assurance
User Acceptance Testing

QA testing happens throughout the development process. We test the functional quality as well as the user experience to ensure that the overall quality of the product is of exceptional standard.

How we work

Through years of experience we have crafted a process that is responsive to the ever-changing demands of the modern world.

We test the viability of the idea in the Strategy phase and identify key success metrics that define the MVP. 

Prototyping and Testing puts a light version of the product in the hands of real users to measure how they use it.

Our UX & UI Design team produces wireframes and screen designs that push the boundaries of excellence.

In the Development phase we use quality coding and creative thinking to solve problems for our clients.

Product Management enables our clients to focus on their business while we take care of the product.


Full Service

We’ll identify what your business needs, map the right product to your business strategy, design and build a solution that your users will love, launch it, and track and measure the success.


If you have limited resources in-house, why not outsource select services to us such as product design, development or usability testing or a combination thereof.

Single Service

Whether it’s strategy, or just a prototype that you need, or one of our other services perhaps, we’d be happy to help.