Our unique process starts with strategy, and includes design and user insights that empower each product for success. | 4i

Our unique process starts with strategy, and includes design and user insights that empower each product for success.

Market Research
Feasibility Study
Competitor Analysis

The world is filled with technology that is neither beneficial to the user nor generating ROI for businesses. Mostly, the technology is either irrelevant to users and not well thought out. With this being a common problem, we conduct thorough market research. 

Business Analysis
Business Process Improvement
Solution Design
Business Requirements

Most businesses have similarities, but no two businesses are alike. We conduct research to understand your unique business offering, processes, and market value. Through analysis, we are able to create unique and high-value solutions for your business and users. 

Digital Business Analysis, Tech analysis
Innovative Strategy
Business Strategy
Product Strategy
New Product Development

We identify your business drivers, USP's and help you envision and mold the possibilities of your idea. We have worked with numerous organisations across different industries and will help you craft the best solution for your business and market. 


Tech Consulting
Solution Design
Innovative Tech
Tech Recommendation
Business Process Improvement

We are passionate about technology and believe that technology can be leveraged to solve complex business problems and improve lives. We will investigate and suggest how technology can be incorporated to innovate, automate and improve business processes and offerings.


Technology consulting; tech consulting

How we work

Through years of experience, we have crafted a process that responds to the demands of the industry and economy.

In our pre-planning phase, we work closely with you to consult, analyse and test the viability of your idea and identify key success metrics.

The planning phase consists of UX and UI design processes that produce meaningful and relevant solutions to users with your desired functionality in mind

Our development phase focuses on writing and implementing code that is scalable, designing and managing databases as well as building websites and apps.

In our launch & growth phase, we launch your solution into the market and help you maintain and grow your product.