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4i unveils brand new app for coffee lovers

26 July 2017 ‐ 6 min read

There are thousands of loyalty programmes at our disposal, many of which are increasingly disappointing over time as the rewards offered seem to dwindle. Most carry an element of inconvenience too, such as carrying yet another physical card around, or needing to remember login details. Some outlets insist on cash only, and even the cashless systems are often offline.

Introducing, the Good Tree!

For coffee lovers who habitually buy good coffee on-the-go, we are excited to announce the launch of The Good Tree! It’s a mobile app that offers a cardless solution to paying for coffee from popular vendors, with great discount benefits. In addition, the app is built around a community of coffee lovers, so when users travel, they can now find the nearest reputable coffee shop by geo-location.

Never pay full price for coffee again!

How it Works

Users sign up, find coffee shops in their nearest vicinity via geo-location, and see menus via the app, as well as helpful navigation to each outlet. Add card details once, and receive free credits with each bundle. The bigger the bundle, the more free credits earned! After choosing from the menu, the user is asked to enter their unique pin, after which the outlet then enters their pin and voila! The transaction is confirmed. Users also enjoy the convenience of re-ordering from their history.

The Opportunity for Merchants

The problem for coffee merchants is that they have no way of communicating with their customer base or properly understanding what they are buying or how often. The Good Tree is a shop-specific all-in-one payment, loyalty, data gathering and marketing tool. We built a CMS (Business Management Tool) specifically with the merchants in mind, that enables them to upload and change menus, and communicate with customers. Merchants now have the ability to send out push-notifications to a captured audience and communicate directly with loyal customers. They can now gather meaningful data such as frequency and value of spend per customer, as well as purchasing habits, and drive footfall through the door using targeted messaging around competitions, specials and promotions.

The Good Tree is a shop-specific all-in-one payment, loyalty, data gathering and marketing tool.

Development Insights

This was one of our first apps built using React Native, which was both interesting and delightful all at the same time. Check out our recent blog on React Native - the Business Review for some of our learnings and insights.

One of the challenges with this project included building smart functionality around the payment integration between our client and the merchants on the BMS. It was a slightly complex model, unique to each merchant, and our team had to figure out a way around it.

The BMS has the ability to set up customised push messaging to select groups of people, based on certain behaviour such as the number of times users have purchased from a store within a certain time period, or the number of times they have used the app or made purchases via the app. Smart thinking and complex technical problem solving went into making this possible.

Taking a Startup Approach

We had to work in a really lean manner, making sure we understood the main problem that was being solved and ensuring we focussed on that. A lean approach meant no frills or fancy code, but it had to be easy to use, intuitive and edgy. On the contrary, clean, efficient coding was of utmost importance to enable the app to scale over time.

Future Plans

Mobile technology offers a significant benefit to both consumer and merchant. Our short term plan is to get as many merchants onboard as possible and then growing our user base to unlock the benefits of everyone involved.

Keen to check it out and start saving today? The Good Tree app is available for download via the App Store and Google Play.

Are you a coffee merchant / outlet keen to get onboard? Visit The Good Tree to find out how.