What you need to know about the Sony Xperia™ Touch | 4i

What you need to know about the Sony Xperia™ Touch

25 January 2018 ‐ 3 min read

Sony Xperia™ Touch is a new piece of technology that has yet to be released on the market anywhere in the world. Its short -throw projection, Wi-Fi connection and state-of-the-art touch functionality makes it a portable projector like none you’ve ever seen, turning a desk, wall, floor, or just about any surface into an interactive screen.

We got to try one out recently, and spent some time exploring its features and functionality.

It’s a “Sandbox” Like None Other

We built a mobile application for one of our clients in Sweden, that uses 3D modelling to showcase their range of cutting-edge building hardware, such as high speed drills. The client wanted to use Sony Xperia™ Touch to display the application at upcoming trade shows and exhibitions, which is how the 4i team got to test it.

We were really looking forward to using the Xperia™ Touch to test and tweak the software, however we couldn’t do much as the Xperia™ doesn’t have a cable that can plug into a Mac. Only the final working product could be loaded onto the Xperia™ but we couldn’t use it to debug, which was really disappointing. We soon realised that the Xperia™ wasn’t designed for this kind of functionality.

The Experience Is Mind Blowing

The fact that you can use the Xperia™ Touch on just about any smooth surface, and use your finger or a pencil to tap icons is down right mind blowing. 

We have never worked with anything so insanely accurate - it’s by far the best of it’s kind right now.

The Xperia™ Touch reads really well whether you project it on a table surface or up against a wall. It’s intelligent in its responsiveness to the environment, identifying how you would want to use it on a desk versus on the wall. It includes settings too to allow you to adjust the size according to what’s comfortable.

Final Thoughts

The Xperia™ Touch is more for show than practicality. In fact - we are not even sure we’ll actually get to see it on the market. We’ve played with it and we feel it’s in perfect order, which begs the question - why has it been in testing phase for so long?

In our view, the Xperia™ Touch is more for show than practicality.

There’s no doubt you can do some really cool things with Sony Xperia™ Touch. It’s a bit like the iPhone X though - everyone wants one, yet there are cheaper ways to achieve the same result. For our client, going to trade shows and using cutting edge technology to showcase cutting edge machinery kinda makes sense. But for most things, a TV screen would do the trick, and then some.

Do we want one? Of course we do. After all, who wouldn’t want to play in a state-of-the-art sandbox?